UbuContest story: "OpenFoodFacts"

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von Ubucon Team

One of the first participants who responded to our interview call was Jimmy Lejeune, the team leader of Team UbunTouch-fr. His team develops the “OpenFoodFacts” app, which provides access to OpenFoodFacts, a “food products database made by everyone, for everyone”.

The database does not only list ingredients, but many other details like nutritional value, packaging, a list of stores which sell the product, a list of countries it is sold in etc.

The OpenFoodFacts app for Ubuntu acts as a frontend to the website and adapts the information to the phone screen. Judging from the screenshots, the user interface is nice and tidy. You can find the app in the Ubuntu App Store.

How did you come up with the idea for your app?

It started with a proposal to make an application received through our website ubuntouch-fr.org. We have chosen to create this application because we want to reach as many users as possible.

How long have you been working on it?

We are working on this application since 06/16/2015.

What are your experiences with the Ubuntu platform? Was it easy to

build your app, what were the challenges?

The biggest challenge is the creation of the icon, in fact the current time we still do not have an icon :)

How do you develop your app? Do you already own an Ubuntu phone/tablet, do you use the desktop, or maybe both?

All persons involved in the application developement already own an Ubuntu phone (“official” or not).

How did you hear about UbuContest? When did you decide to enter?

We have heard of UbuContest thanks to the Ubuntu Developer Blog article. We talked about it before we decided whether we would participate or not.

If you win first place, will you travel to Ubucon Germany in Berlin? If no, why so?

Yes we will take the time to travel for the chance to meet you.

How are you going to split the prizes among your team members?

We will see when it happens, because we are not after the prizes but participate to show that the site is fully invested on Ubuntu for mobiles.